The Amann Girrbach Advantage

Welcome to your new and improved dental laboratory. Where more speed means less time working at a bench and more time for you. Where more accuracy and superior esthetics improve customer satisfaction and open the doors to more business. Where more efficiency lowers costs and creates more profit. Welcome to making more. Welcome to Amann Girrbach America.


featured partners

    • The Ceramill system has helped us to open valuable new revenue streams.

      Evan Krouse, Yes! Dental Laboratory
    • The Motion 2 mill has proven to be a cost-effective, precise, easy-to-maintain solution to all of our milling needs.

      Alfred Nelson, CDT, Amsterdam Dental Laboratory
    • The Motion 2 has allowed our lab to regulate production workflow in a more efficient manner.

      Gary Killgo, CDT, Georgia Dental Laboratory
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